No Map, No Worries (Smart Solution)(Smart Solution)

There are enough data to have your first watermain network even if no data is collected yet or no map on the paper exists.

Waterlix can collect the data from existing sources for any city and guess where your pipes are, what is their sizes and types. You may need to provide the detail demand data for the existing customers and their addresses for a better estimates.

This can be used as the starting point to manage your pipes.

Maps, not on GIS

Waterlix can help with digitizing your paper maps. If your GIS expert is too busy or not available, we can help you to take this important step for managing your assets.

(Smart Solution)(Smart Solution)

Breaks data, not in GIS

With our online tool in a familiar environment, you can collect details that matters when a break happens and add any notes or even take a photo for keeping a visual memory or information.

You can mark the point of break when you are on site and save the data and export in a simple format to be used by anyone in your organization. They are also visualized on Google map as the base map and data entry is possible in a mobile device or desktop computer.

(Smart Solution)(Smart Solution)