Canadian Water Loss Map

May 3, 2016


On a survey which was published by Environment Canada in 2011, cities shared their water loss volumes. Additional information such as carbon footprint because of the lost water, and the equal dollar value of the leakages based on price of water in few cities in Ontario is calculated (the calculations includes the cost of wastewater because of the lost water).


 The other added information is the cost of water damages which is divided by population based on reports from major insurance companies reports for the same year.


The map is created in 2015 and probably the costs today should be higher than these estimates.

The cost of water is very dependent to the initial purchase price of water and the energy required for pumping it. So please accept that the data provided are estimates and are based on the lost water reported by cities in the survey published by Environment Canada.


The link to this data set is removed in their new website.



















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