The City of London, ON uses Waterlix Solution

May 17, 2018

The city of London, ON is the first city that fully implements the Waterlix solution to identify vulnerable locations on their water network. It enables the city to capture a small part of its network that causes the majority of its water leakage.


Cities usually measure the impact of their capital projects after it is completed. Waterlix solution provides an accurate estimate of savings before the implementation.


More than a hundred variables are used in the identification of vulnerable locations on the London’s water network. Waterlix solution requires a water network map and the historical water main breaks from a city to reveal the vulnerability to break.


The city of London with 2000 kilometers of water mains and with 40 years of historical breaks was the perfect place to test the Waterlix solution. Waterlix could make benefit of the data to train its solution further to make a better forecast for cities with less historical data.


The city of London will validate the results with new water main breaks and will confirm the accuracy of the predictions in a near future. We will cover later that how it could help the city to increase the efficiency of its investments on its capital projects and the water savings as a result of implementing Waterlix solution.



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