Every Canadian can save $100 annually on water costs without saving a drop of water.

May 31, 2018

It is possible to save a big chunk of the 3-billion-dollar annual water loss in Canada if cities have a better plan to fix their leaky water distribution network with no change in their current budget. The Waterlix solution has made helps a rapid reduction of the Non-Revenue Water for cities.


FYI, Canada is among the best managed countries and Canadians are proud of their Asset Management practices and associations with a long history of planning for their infrastructure. The country invests heavily in its infrastructure, especially in recent years. They have created programs like gas tax to fund infrastructure renewal plans (Which recently was stopped in some provinces like Ontario)


Cities annually renew 1% of their water/waste water network and here is the pattern of water main breaks in four Canadian cities that are in Southern Ontario.



Just check the beginning and the end of each curve for now. Aren’t they too close to each other? There is also some similarity in direction of changes every year in majority of the four cities during 2003-2015.

During the period, all the cities have kept almost the same number of leakages even when approximately 13% of their water distribution network is replaced.


These four cities were open enough to share their data and talk about the issue they are facing. The city of London, ON was the most determined city which did full cooperation with Waterlix who claimed can make a big change in the efficiency of capital projects investments.  


The city of London supported the preparation of a break reduction plan by providing many data layers from their GIS systems, maps from external sources, satellite images, and their experts time from capital planning and leakage detection departments that cooperated in each phase of the project. The city of London had one of the richest data sets for its water main breaks. Nearly 7000 break points in a period of 40 years was provided with many details which was unique among the other available sources.

Waterlix developed multiple artificial intelligence models for the city of London to identify the priorities. The outcome is proven rate of 24% reduction in water main breaks in 2 years. This plan will help to reduce break points by 44% in less than 5 years.


Cities can verify the saving they may have using their own data. The ones with no historical break data also can find a good starting plan using the existing trained models. They can verify and receive more customized plans as they record their break data. Let’s for a second compare the above trend during 13 years with the verified results in the city of London, ON mentioned in the previous paragraph.


Cities with annual loss of 20 Million dollars can save 30 million dollars in a five-year plan and continue 9 million dollars saving annually because of this change for many years. A saving to support investments where it makes a difference.


Cities with more than 5% leakage and a long history of network renewal plan can be sure that they need to change the way they are doing. Our priority is having the largest impact where the decision makers are determined to make a change and support innovative solutions.




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