Solutions for Any Digital Stage

Solutions for Utilities at any Digital Stage

Utilities are different in terms of their digital stage. Some have invested a lot of time and resources, and some want to begin their journey to record activities, events and assets. To fill the gap and still have a base to support every utility company, Waterlix has provided solutions to make AI-solutions accessible for every utility.

Cities on the digital path

We have solutions for Cities with no data to support them in having a base to start with and allow them to collect and maintain a useful data set for better management right away.

We process the existing data to generate the best guess for the location of their water distribution network.

Then we provide you with a tool to update the existing network and record events as they happen.

This system is your path to more data-based management systems. It supports you to focus on what matters the most. It helps you for more accurate observation, easy recording of the data, and increases service level in the field or the office.

Digital Base Builder

  • Base map generator for water mains or sewer lines.

  • Digitizing services for paper maps

  • Events and network feature recorder (Breaks, valve location,...)

Data-Rich Cities

Any city, even the ones with advanced data management systems may still benefit from the data collection application. It reduces internal team interactions, facilitates data recording, and its exchange. Doesn't it sound like the perfect thing for the new normal?

Everyone can focus on their job, while their efforts will be aggregated and delivered as knowledge in a customized way.

An automated system provides the best options for decision-makers to do their job and plan for the utility. We hope our solution helps asset managers, demand managers, and operation managers.