Past Projects


City of Kitchener, ON

City of London, ON, Canada

City of Guelph, ON, Canada

Awards & Recognition


$50,000 Award from Ontario Centre of Innovation for Project Demonstration. With the City of London as an Industry Partner and IBM as a Technology Partner (2019-2020)

Winner of Canada's Top 15, Clean Tech Projects in 2019. 

$50,000 Award from Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks to build a cloud ready application, perform load testing, set up monitoring, and enhancing security of the server under various circumstances. (2020-2021)

Partnering with Universities 

Partnering with Universities to Enhance Water Monitoring & Demand Analysis

At Waterlix, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our understanding of water pollution and its impacts on communities. That's why we are proud to collaborate with leading universities in Canada, the United States, and Australia on joint research and development projects in the field of remote sensing and water pollution analysis. 

By leveraging the latest satellite and aerial imagery, we are able to gain a more detailed and accurate picture of how pollution is affecting water quality in different regions.

In addition to remote sensing and water pollution analysis, we are also working with universities on projects related to urban growth and the management of water resources in growing cities. By analyzing data on population growth, land use, and water demand, we are able to develop strategies for ensuring that communities have access to clean, reliable water sources as they grow and evolve.

Finally, we are using data from SCADA systems to improve our leakage monitoring and demand analysis capabilities. By analyzing real-time data from our water treatment and distribution systems, we are able to identify and fix leaks more quickly and optimize our operations to meet the needs of our customers.

Overall, our collaboration with universities is an essential part of our commitment to driving innovation and improving water quality for communities around the world. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with such talented and dedicated partners and are excited to see the impact of our joint efforts on the water industry.


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