About Us

Waterlix digital solutions is for any water utility:

For data-rich utilities, we provide condition assessment of pipes, water demand analysis to understand the patterns of use, SCADA data analysis for early warning of leakage with an approximate location.

For utilities with no or small amounts of data about their assets and operational history, we provide a base map to enable them to make benefit from digital solutions.

We also offer data tools to record their network assets and events, a tool that can be used by all water utilities.

Past Projects

City of Kitchener, ON

Demo Project using Kitchener's Open Data

City of London, ON, Canada

First Complete Implementation

Geo-AI Condition Assessment

City of Guelph, ON, Canada

Second Complete Implementation

Geo-AI Condition Assessment


Winner of Canada Top 15, Clean Tech Project in 2019

Ontario Center of Excellence Award - Waterlix Inc.

$50,000 Award from Ontario Centre of Excellence for Project Demonstration. With the City of London as Industry Partner and IBM as Technology Partner (2019-2020)

$50,000 Award from Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks to build a cloud ready application, perform load testing, set up monitoring, and enhancing security of the server under various circumstances. (2020-2021)


Mehrdad Varedi

Founder, CEO

Koosha Totonchi

Business Adviser

Mahmood Al-Juboori

Head of Software Development

Peter Williams

Industry Adviser