About Us

Waterlix makes sense of the data in water utilities and provides digital solutions.

  • For data-rich utilities, we provide condition assessment of pipes, water demand analysis to understand the patterns of use, SCADA data analysis for early warning of leakage with an approximate location.

  • For utilities with no or small amounts of data about their assets and operational history, we provide a base map to enable them to make benefit from digital solutions.

  • We also offer data tools to record their network assets and events, a tool that can be used by all water utilities.

Implemented Projects

City of Kitchener, ON

Demo Project using Kitchener's Open Data

City of London, ON, Canada

First Complete Implementation

Geo-AI Condition Assessment

City of Guelph, ON, Canada

Second Complete Implementation

Geo-AI Condition Assessment

Recognition and Awards

  • Winner of Canada Top 15, Clean Tech Project in 2019

Ontario Center of Excellence Award - Waterlix Inc.
  • $50,000 Award from Ontario Centre of Excellence for Project Demonstration. With the City of London as Industry Partner and IBM as Technology Partner (2019-2020)

  • $50,000 Award from Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks to build a cloud ready application, perform load testing, set up monitoring, and enhancing security of the server under various circumstances. (2020-2021)

The Team

Mehrdad Varedi

Founder, CEO

Koosha Totonchi

Business Adviser

Mahmood Al-Juboori

Head of Software Development

Peter Williams

Industry Adviser