Success Story

Implementing Water Demand Analysis and Revenue Forecasting in London, Ontario

The Problem

Water management is a critical issue for growing cities, and the city of London, Ontario, Canada is no exception. Facing a complex network of water and wastewater systems and a growing population, the city needed to find new ways to improve the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of its water management processes. 

One of the key challenges was managing and analyzing large datasets, which were difficult to examine from a data completeness perspective.

The Solutions

To address this issue, the city of London partnered with Waterlix and implemented their data analysis software. The Waterlix platform provides a range of features to manage water data and easily perform complex operations, along with predictive capabilities, map views, and revenue computation.

One of the key features of the Waterlix platform is its ability to handle large datasets and provide accurate demand forecasting. The traditional methods of demand and revenue forecasting were based on aggregated values, and evaluation of the estimation methods was impossible. 

Waterlix eliminates the need for aggregated modelling, instead allowing for multiple clusterings or classifications, with each selected category having a separate model. 

This helps to better analyze demand trends and find the root cause of changes in overall demand, allowing for more accurate forecasting and a better understanding of the data.

The Waterlix platform also provides a flexible system for revenue calculation and forecasting. This simplifies the process of calculating revenue and allows for easy comparison of rates, enabling the city to propose the best solution for any revenue problem. 

The platform allows for defining multiple pricing rules for fixed and variable charges, making revenue calculation and forecasting more accurate and reliable.

Another key feature of the Waterlix platform is its ability to handle junk data. The software preprocesses and cleans up data, automatically fixing errors or assisting in streamlining and speeding up the cleanup process if manual decision-making is needed. 

This ensures that the data used for demand analysis and revenue forecasting is accurate and reliable.


The implementation of the Waterlix platform was quick and easy, completed in a single day with minimal logistics. Once the account was active, staff from the city of London could log in, upload data, and start gaining valuable insights within minutes. 

The platform is able to work with large datasets by utilizing advanced cloud services and parallel processing, enabling the city to implement the platform and start analyzing large datasets right away without the need for upgrades on their own computers.

The implementation of the Waterlix platform has allowed the city of London, Ontario to overcome the challenges of managing large datasets and calculating water and wastewater charges. 

The software provides a comprehensive range of features, including data profiling, accurate forecasting, and flexible revenue calculation that have significantly improved the city's water management processes. 


With the help of Waterlix, the city of London can now make better-informed decisions and ensure the efficient use of its water resources.

If you are facing similar challenges with water management and large datasets, consider implementing Waterlix to improve your efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.