"We believe water management deserves better tools than Excel. Tools to support utilities at the time of water stress and climate change to meet their financial targets and comply with the regulations.

Artificial intelligence is not a tool to scare or impress. It is a tool to test complicated ideas. Its results should make sense, provide insight and be verifiable.

With petabytes of data in public databases, data is not a problem anymore, although its interpretation to solve our problem still is."

Mehrdad Varedi, Waterlix Founder

How do we do it?

Waterlix tools extract data from various sources, analyze the data, and create recommendations based on facts and analytics.

Waterlix understands that utilities don't need another IoT network or an advanced AI tool. They need to get insight out of complicated and growing databases to support them now. Insights that also make sense and could be verified easily.

Who does trust us?

We are trusted and received support from the Province of Ontario, Canada. Ontario Centre of Innovation, IBM, Centre of Excellence for the Next Generation Networks (CENGN), and 5G ENCQOR programs are examples of this trust.

Our projects ranked in the top 15 cleantech projects in Canada since 2018 by Clean 50.

It was a condition assessment for the City of London, Ontario. The city of Guelph is our long-time partner in many projects since 2012.

Cooperation with Academia

Waterlix has joint projects with universities in Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Products and Opportunities to Cooperate