Democratizing AI for water utilities

Our Mission

  • Make life easier for experts in water utilities to focus on problem solving instead of working on routine analysis.

  • Increase efficiency in every step of managing water utilities using artificial intelligence.

  • Increase efficiency of inner & between team communications and knowledge exchange with other utilities.

  • Democratizing AI solutions: make AI solutions accessible and applicable for utilities with any size or budget and make it possible to try solutions and experience their outcomes.

Solutions for Any Utility Size or Digital Stage


Waterlix has a range of products for asset managers, demand managers, operation, and planning experts.

  • The project prioritization toolbox is for asset managers that can enter any data layer to test it against the default model, share the financial results with the rest of the team for decision making and more.

  • Demand managers can analyze the demand from a new perspective and have legacy solutions on the side to see the drivers of water demand. Plan better for the future or estimate the water demand in any period.

  • Cities with no digital maps can have a base map, data collection apps, and hydraulic models that can be gradually corrected and enhanced. The hydraulic modelling is also available for data-rich cities.

  • SCADA data analysis can help demand managers as well as operation and planning.