Start and Finish the Rate Analysis & Demand Forecasts in One Day

Do it yourself with Maximus or Ask us to help.

Use billing data in any format to make benefit of the insight in consumption data for rate analysis and demand forecasting.

Meet Financial Targets & Analyze Multiple Rate Scenarios

Have breakdowns of volume used and revenue by meter type, user categories, and any other categorical variable in your data. 

Track Non-Revenue Water & Plan for Conserveration

NRW Reduction: With comparing supply and demand in shorter periods, more insight about Non-Revenue Water (NRW) can be found. It helps to find better idea about the causes behind it.

Conservation: In conservation projects. it is not easy to analyze areas within the city separately. Sometimes doing so provides much more information to target the efforts more efficiently. 

With spatial reporting, Maximus makes it possible to plan better and target regions with great conservation opportunities.

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