Measure Risk of Breaking Pipes

Risk of pipe breaks in large diameter pipes is something that has to be inspected using physical monitoring techniques, although majority of pipes in cities are small size pipes.

 Assessment of risk of break for hundreds and thousands of kilometres of pipes only is possible with modelling & AI.

Waterlix as the pioneer of AI models in risk assessment of pipes used spatial data since 2015. Risk assessment of pipes shouldn't be a tedious task in excel, it can be done in no time using distribution / collection network map.

Measure Consequence of Failure

Asset Management Planning requires booth risk of break and consequence of failure to assess priorities.

"Asseteau" calculates the consequence of failure using the map of the distribution/collection network and with multiple options. It can be based on the length of network affected or weighted length of the affected network. 

We always develop new ways of assessing the consequence of failure to reduce expectation from the clients and provide more data and insight for them through advanced analysis of public data.

Feasibility Analysis and Financial Planning