Responding to All Stakeholders 

Benefits from Water Data Analysis

City Manager

A city manager might be interested in analyzing water data to assure that financial targets are being met and to support operational and capital expenditures.

 Non-Revenue Water management and water accounting is a significant undertaking for all utilities, aimed at identifying and prioritizing leakage in different regions. This involves utilizing profiling features and the Geo-Spatial capabilities of the tool to determine water consumption by region.

Revenue & Demand Analyst

A data analyst might be interested in using the data to load it from various sources, verify its validity, address any missing or incorrect data, and use models to predict water demand and rates. This can help them avoid mistakes and ensure that the data acquisition and analysis process is smooth and complete.


Water Efficiency & Conservation

On the other hand, an expert in water efficiency and conservation might be interested in analyzing the data to understand water usage patterns in different sectors and parts of the city. This can help them prioritize actions and increase efficiency in water conservation.

Urban Studies & Economical Development

Finally, the data may also be useful for other purposes such as economic and urban development or even urban traffic studies. When the data is properly prepared and forecasts are completed, it can be a valuable source of information for a variety of stakeholders.

Our software can help each of these individuals by providing tools for data loading, verification, and analysis, as well as support for forecasting and decision-making. 

As data sets become larger and more complex, our software can help users manage and analyze the data more efficiently, reducing the risk of errors and increasing the accuracy of results.