Project Prioritization & Planning Toolbox

Water Asset managers manage a diverse team of experts that provide information or expect to be informed to agree on asset renewal projects. GIS experts, Data Analysts, Civil Engineers, Administrative and financial officers are part of such teams. Coordination between them is time-consuming and is a complicated job to manage.

Waterlix provides a toolbox to make the interaction among the team more constructive by separation of concerns. It provides visualization and analysis for various scenarios to support the decision-making process.

Everyone can focus on their job, while the toolbox makes the connection and reduces the repeating and tedious works out of the way of experts. It results in higher efficiency and optimum use of resources. The tool provides computational and visualization capabilities to clarify what matters the most.

GIS experts can create better maps to feed into the tool and don't need to spend time on repeating procedures to generate output for others. They can more focus on the quality of the data and layers that may help to support better models.

Data Analysts will be spared from data cleaning or repeating computational processes. They have more time to design better scenarios to test and find new ideas to provide a plan for part of the network that shows more predictable behaviour.

Financial officers can look at the tangible savings from implementing each project and make sure about the feasibility of the investments.

Asset managers can verify the results and look closer to the consequence of failure and review every single project impact on the network. They have more time to analyze the results rather than spending time on coordination and follow up to get the results of analysis from the rest of the team.